Parents …

To start of with thank you so much for the support on my last blog! I have put all the suggestions into thought 🙂

Anyway parents… Dont get me wrong i love them but there are a few things that they do which really irritates me.

1) when they enter my room without knocking. As much as i love being with them i need my privacy and being in my room is just a little thing that pleases me. But the thing is, if i have a friend over they do knock but when im alone they just come barging in.

2) When they don’t shut the door behind them when they leave my room. I think this one irritates me most, the door was closed for a reason, now i have to get up out of my comfy, warm bed and shut the door. Do you know the worst part about it? a few minutes later they will come back in and do it again!

3)When they say i should always tell the truth, in some cases yeah you should but didn’t they say the tooth fairy was real? oh and father Christmas.

4) if you smile or laugh at your phone they automatically assume that i have a boyfriend. Dont they know that i actually have friends that make me laugh.

5)  And finally when they think you are lying when in fact you are actually telling the truth. for example one time my dad thought i had moved a important letter while he was at work. he started shouting at me saying ” so the fairies just tuck it away then” and ” why can’t you just leave stuff alone” it was awful because as i was trying to persuade him that i didn’t take it my voice suddenly decided that it wanted to go high pitch, making it sound like i was lying. i literally wanted to die there and then

Comment down below if there is anything else you hate that your parents do and just to mention i do love my parents even if it doesn’t sound like it 🙂

Remember you are beautiful

lmr going into the real world xoxo



Hey guys,

So school has started again … great but do you know what the worst part of it all is? i have to see my crush again. For the sake of this blog i will call him Blue eyes. He gets on my bus every morning and night 5 days a week for 25 minutes each way, yes i know that it isnt a long time but for me it feels like a century. You see before summer Blue eyes and I talked, almost every night either through text or on the bus. I had previously admitted that i liked him through someone telling him that i do, i told once he asked if it was true and ever since then he had talked to me. He started to call be pretty which i though was cute but it was him just being nice, then it came to beautiful and gorgeous. This warmed my heart greatly. And then the best of the best happened, he said he loved me and i beleved it, i thought it was true and i said it back.

However one day everything stopped, he stopped sitting next to me on the bus, then he stopped texting me, then he stopped talking to me. This broke my heart, it was like with a click of a button he didnt like me anymore. But i think the worst of all of it was 2 weeks before school. After i got off the bus he went and sat next to my friend, he told her all about how he didnt like me in that way. She told me this the next day and i literally wanted to break down and cry… i did, there i was, in a corner sobbing my eyes out infront of a few friends all because of a boy.

But thats not the end of it, no. it was the last week on school on a wednesday, all my friends were either in spain with school or on a school trip somewhere boring. i had to go around school with a certain group and you can already guess who was in that group … yep blue eyes. At first he didnt talk to me but then he talked and talked. He then did this strange thing and invite me into town at lunch with a couple of friends. I said yes (although i shouldnt of) and went with him. We were walking down an passage way in 2’s and he came up behing me and tickled me, then it turned into a hug. for the rest of the day he was with me never leaving my side.

But after summer, that same spark as before happened to him and once again he has stopped having any contact with me. Its killing me because he is all i think about and i always get bad anxiety when im around him. I just want help ;(

anyways i love you all and feel free to leave a comment down below 🙂

Lmr going into the real world xx