I need help!!

so you guy know that i was previously talking about blue eyes well i have decided that i need to move on, it will be better for me. 

I have started to know that he doesn’t care about how i feel and if im sad he only cares about my looks. He isnt worth it and i wish i had learnt that before. 

However there is this new guy who has started talking to me but then we started to learn more about each other and show our true selfs. On friday i started to get upset and i may of cried a little but he was right there hugging me telling me everything. Since that point he has continued to hug me and make sure that im okay. . 

I dont know what to do because i dont know if i like him or not. Its so frustrating but when i am in his arms i do feel safe … and he smells really nice XD .

if you have any advise for me please let me know 

remember you are beautiful 

Lmr going into the real world xoxo