So right now i’m actually glad its summer (or winter depending on where you are), I’m taking this time to just relax and clear out my mind, almost as if i can get a fresh start once school starts up again.

I know that there will be complications in the coming months but i don’t want to stress over stuff that hasn’t even happened yet and for the past events, well lets just try to forget them for now.

So if your like me and you have no clue how to spend your summer, i have made a list of things to can do to make this summer worth remembering.

  1. Have a picnic in a park or a quiet area with a group or a couple of friends – This allows you to have fun while you eat nice things, what more could you want! 😉
  2. Make your own unique banana split – Just go out and get all the sweet things you can find and combine it in one, this is handy for the extra hot days.
  3. Discover a new area – Yes this means that you actually have to go outside and walk about but once you find a new area i can assure you it will be exciting, besides it could be your new special area that only you know about.
  4. Have Breakfast for dinner – i don’t really know why but it sounds fun, unless you don’t have breakfast instead you can just go straight to dessert.
  5. Do a puzzle – you can save this for one of those rainy days but if your like me who takes forever to complete a puzzle then this is a fun way to spend those boring days.
  6. Go stargazing – this can be fun alone or with someone else, try making an object out of the stars for each letter of the alphabet, it can get pretty funny at times.
  7. Roast marshmellows
  8. watch an entire series or season of a tv show on tv or netflix – this is also good for those days were you don’t want to socialise with anyone which is pretty much me everyday.
  9. make a fort – this is a great excuse to stay indoors all day, you can collect snacks and watch videos online, again you don’t have to do this alone.
  10. Carve your name in a tree – this is a great one to look back on in the future, it doesnt just have to be your name you can include a friend or that special someone if you desire to.

I hope these helped you spend someone of your time these few months and if you have any more suggestions feel free to comment them down below.

Remember you are Beautiful in your own way

Lmr going into the real world xoxo


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