Bit how ironic how in my last blog post I said that I wanted the time off in summer to relax and forget my worries but it ended up being one of the worst summers I have ever had, its a summer I want to forget.

On the 16th August 2016 my beloved nana was sent up to heaven, the angels took her because she was in pain and now she’s one of them looking down on us all. She had a heart attack, even if she didn’t know it, she just collapsed and went to sleep.  My poor grandad stayed by her side through all of it, never leaving her even though her heart had stopped working. He tried to wake her but she just never came through, it was a sign of god that a pair of hard working hands got put to rest.

It had distraught the family and I never want to relive it again. Once my mum found out, she was in pain, her heart had sunk and her eyes didn’t have a spark anymore. i remember travelling up on that day, with her driving while crying and my dad next to her in trying to support her, but i was in the back frozen not knowing what to do. i couldn’t bring it to me that he was actually gone. She was my hero, she couldn’t have been gone. But she didn’t go as she was always going to be in my heart, even though we may not visit her anymore it doesn’t mean she isn’t with us. she’s still there.

The funeral was the worst, i can’t even put into words how hard it was, sitting there in the front row crying my eyes out and looking like a racoon because of my smudged eyeliner that i regret putting on in the morning. I think the worst part of it was when the speak said how nana loved all her grandchildren, more than anything and she used to spoil her youngest grandchild lucy (Me), always showing her love. It was those memories i will always remember her

I miss her so much but i will make her proud and she will always be remembered from all of her family and her friends.

I love you nana and i will see you soon – Lucy x


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