It’s that time of year again were students start to stress over getting enough revisions done for their exams in the following few weeks. The thought that runs few every young persons mind is why do we have to take these tests? and to be honest I agree with them too.

However this isn’t really another way in which the students logical understandings can bee shown so I guess exams have to stay. But from a personal point of view the exam boards and teachers are putting way too much stress on the students. Many people I know are having breakdowns because they feel that what they are doing isn’t enough and with teachers constantly yelling at them too try harder, I think they forget that they are only young and this may be the first ever time where they have a had a large amount of responsibility for their future. At the end of the day, these exams are what set the future for these young people, if they get good levels then they are more likely to get into a good university and fulfill their dreams but if they get a bad level, which now can be done by dropping only one mark, then they feel like they have failed completely and that they should give up on their dreams.

In England where I am, the exam boards have unfairly raised the difficulty of the exams, they are making the students learn topics that they shouldnt have to learn for another few years, and the fact that they only got around a year to revise for this new scheme is extremely difficult.

However I wish you all luck to the ones who are going through these tests and remember that you should only worry about whats going to happen tomorrow not in a few years time, otherwise you will just get upset and it will affect your leaning, more than you are realising.

Im thinking about making my next post on ways of revising that I find effective but if you have any ideas yourself, then dont be scared to comment them.

remember you’re beautiful

Lmr going into the real world xox


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