Failing at resolutions …

So like everyone in the world, my new years resolution was to become a healthier person who does exercise everyday, and let me tell you, it aint going to well.

In the past few years ive always been active, I go on runs around my local area and i will do mini workout in my bedroom but one thing that I never did was eat healthy, so all the work I put it to try to exercise regally werent paying off, so I thought, for the new year I will do both and make improvements to my body.

However it seems like I cant do both as I will either eat really healthy but not exercise or go for runs but eat a ton of rubbish.

It was really annoying me so I went on instragram and made an account that would motivate me and others to get into fitness and to remind myself never to give up. And to be honest, im glad I did as it really has helped me into getting in the right mind-set and getting up off my arse to benefit my body.

Sorry for the short post, I havent really had time lately due to school starting back up and family issues but i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good new year.

Let me know if you guys want me to write about my workout routine or what I eat daily as I would be happy to share.

Question – what were your new years resolutions and have you kept them?

Remember you’re beautiful x

Lmr gooing into the real world xxx

intragram – fitnessmotivation5715


The ‘perfect christmas’

Wow where has 2016 gone? its gone by so fast it’s actually unreal however in a way im glad it had because i have to admit, this was one of the hardest years of my life.

When you were young did you ever used to write your mum or dad a list of what you wanted to give them and put the prices next to them however the lists end up being multiple page long and when you give it to your parents they just stare at you blankly, yeah that was me haha however i was thinking this year on what i could ask for christmas this year but i thought of nothing.

This is because i only have one wish i would want to get (technically two) for both my mum and by brother to be home on Christmas day. its horrible  watching tv this time of year because on every advert there’s the ‘perfect family’ all sitting around a perfect table with perfect smiles on their perfect faces and how much of that is true. personally myself i have never had one of these ‘perfect Christmases’

has anyone noticed how in these adverts there absolutely no arguments happening, now how unrealistic is that. i can never get through a christmas without at least 5 arguments happening between my family members.admititally  it’s normally stupid arguments that are over in minutes however they still happen which in my eyes makes our family real.

anyway back to my mum and brother, both of them have the possibility to work over christmas, my mum for certain is however my brother always varies, he can get a call that he’s allowed home but the next day the same person will say that he has to come back to work but that’s his job.

But one thing is, i refuse to have my christmas without those two, no matter how long it takes i will only open those presents under the tree when everyone is around me. it wouldn’t feel like christmas without them,

Anyway guys i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and don’t stress over it too much 😉

Remember your beautiful

Lmr going into the real world xoxo

Parents …

To start of with thank you so much for the support on my last blog! I have put all the suggestions into thought 🙂

Anyway parents… Dont get me wrong i love them but there are a few things that they do which really irritates me.

1) when they enter my room without knocking. As much as i love being with them i need my privacy and being in my room is just a little thing that pleases me. But the thing is, if i have a friend over they do knock but when im alone they just come barging in.

2) When they don’t shut the door behind them when they leave my room. I think this one irritates me most, the door was closed for a reason, now i have to get up out of my comfy, warm bed and shut the door. Do you know the worst part about it? a few minutes later they will come back in and do it again!

3)When they say i should always tell the truth, in some cases yeah you should but didn’t they say the tooth fairy was real? oh and father Christmas.

4) if you smile or laugh at your phone they automatically assume that i have a boyfriend. Dont they know that i actually have friends that make me laugh.

5)  And finally when they think you are lying when in fact you are actually telling the truth. for example one time my dad thought i had moved a important letter while he was at work. he started shouting at me saying ” so the fairies just tuck it away then” and ” why can’t you just leave stuff alone” it was awful because as i was trying to persuade him that i didn’t take it my voice suddenly decided that it wanted to go high pitch, making it sound like i was lying. i literally wanted to die there and then

Comment down below if there is anything else you hate that your parents do and just to mention i do love my parents even if it doesn’t sound like it 🙂

Remember you are beautiful

lmr going into the real world xoxo