The ‘perfect christmas’

Wow where has 2016 gone? its gone by so fast it’s actually unreal however in a way im glad it had because i have to admit, this was one of the hardest years of my life.

When you were young did you ever used to write your mum or dad a list of what you wanted to give them and put the prices next to them however the lists end up being multiple page long and when you give it to your parents they just stare at you blankly, yeah that was me haha however i was thinking this year on what i could ask for christmas this year but i thought of nothing.

This is because i only have one wish i would want to get (technically two) for both my mum and by brother to be home on Christmas day. its horrible  watching tv this time of year because on every advert there’s the ‘perfect family’ all sitting around a perfect table with perfect smiles on their perfect faces and how much of that is true. personally myself i have never had one of these ‘perfect Christmases’

has anyone noticed how in these adverts there absolutely no arguments happening, now how unrealistic is that. i can never get through a christmas without at least 5 arguments happening between my family members.admititally  it’s normally stupid arguments that are over in minutes however they still happen which in my eyes makes our family real.

anyway back to my mum and brother, both of them have the possibility to work over christmas, my mum for certain is however my brother always varies, he can get a call that he’s allowed home but the next day the same person will say that he has to come back to work but that’s his job.

But one thing is, i refuse to have my christmas without those two, no matter how long it takes i will only open those presents under the tree when everyone is around me. it wouldn’t feel like christmas without them,

Anyway guys i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and don’t stress over it too much 😉

Remember your beautiful

Lmr going into the real world xoxo