Failing at resolutions …

So like everyone in the world, my new years resolution was to become a healthier person who does exercise everyday, and let me tell you, it aint going to well.

In the past few years ive always been active, I go on runs around my local area and i will do mini workout in my bedroom but one thing that I never did was eat healthy, so all the work I put it to try to exercise regally werent paying off, so I thought, for the new year I will do both and make improvements to my body.

However it seems like I cant do both as I will either eat really healthy but not exercise or go for runs but eat a ton of rubbish.

It was really annoying me so I went on instragram and made an account that would motivate me and others to get into fitness and to remind myself never to give up. And to be honest, im glad I did as it really has helped me into getting in the right mind-set and getting up off my arse to benefit my body.

Sorry for the short post, I havent really had time lately due to school starting back up and family issues but i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good new year.

Let me know if you guys want me to write about my workout routine or what I eat daily as I would be happy to share.

Question – what were your new years resolutions and have you kept them?

Remember you’re beautiful x

Lmr gooing into the real world xxx

intragram – fitnessmotivation5715